Announcing Convergence 2012 Research Sessions Schedule

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Engineering Team is looking forward to working with you at Convergence 2012, sharing with you some of our ideas and aspirations for future versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and, as always, learning from you, your experiences, your needs, and your insights.  These focus groups will be offered Sunday March 18 through Wednesday March 21.

These discussion groups will be forward looking research sessions.  During these sessions we will present prototypes, and ideas designed to improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM; we invite you to review and critique these designs, provide us with your important scenarios, business processes and needs so that you can influence our direction in a wide variety of areas. 

Gratuity & Non-Disclosure Agreement

Participants in each Discussion Group will receive a Microsoft gratuity which must be mailed to a U.S. address. We will have a list of gratuity choices available for you at the sessions. We will also ask you to sign a standard Microsoft Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so that we can confidentially share our ideas and present our thinking.


Please review the session titles and RSVP directly to me (Michael.McCormack AT your preferred sessions, and I will reply with confirmation. All Sessions will be repeated so that we can accommodate your schedules at Convergence 2012.  Preregistration will guarantee you a seat, otherwise it’s first come first serve and seating is limited.

All events are in Room 335C at the Hilton EXCEPT SUNDAY which is in 342D in the Convention Center.


Early SFA storyboards and scenarios for Office integration and Sales Insights

Description: Our Sales Force Automation tools will best grow when we, the R&D Team, listens to you. Help us understand your experiences, focus on your scenarios, and discuss with you our current thinking.  Please join us in a review of early storyboards, and help us hone our work.

Audience: Sales Professionals, Sales Management or Executives, Business Decision Makers

OFFERED Monday 2:15p-3:30

OFFERED Tuesday 2:00p-3:15

Using external data sources to increase sales productivity within CRM

Description: Come help influence the future of SFA in Dynamics CRM. This session will cover the sales scenario of working with new leads and contacts, discovering information about them and bringing that information into CRM from outside data services and websites. The CRM R&D team will present storyboards and scenarios for upcoming investments and would like to get your feedback.

Audience: Sales Professionals, Sales Management or Executives, Business Decision Makers

OFFERED Sunday 4:45p-6:00pm 342D in the Convention Center.

OFFERED Monday 12:45p-2:00

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Licensing model

Description: In this session we will present a sneak preview of our future online experience and offering plans for both enterprise IT and professional users.  Come provide feedback on the licensing model and help us by sharing your experiences.

Audience: Business Decisions Makers, Administrators, IT Executives and Portfolio Managers

OFFERED Monday 3:45-5:00pm

OFFERED Tuesday 10:45a-12:00p

Hosted Email connector overview and feedback

Description: Ever wondered about how Dynamics CRM connects business processes with Email system of your choice? Come and learn about the CRM Email connector’s journey towards hosted solution and integration with Office365. The R&D team will be presenting new concepts and their strategy for integrating Email systems in your business with CRM.

Audience: Business Decisions Makers, Administrators, IT Executives and Portfolio Managers

OFFERED Tuesday 9:00a-10:15

OFFERED Wednesday 9:45a-11:00

Social Customer care concept overview and feedback

Description: Come help us explore the relationships between social networks and CRM.  How will your customer service representatives or sales people use CRM in the near future?  The R&D team will be presenting new screens and strategy for using social networking in your business with CRM

Audience: Service Professionals, Service Managers, Sales Professionals, Sales Management or Executives, BusinessDecision Makers

OFFERED Monday 10:45a-12:00p

OFFERED Tuesday 330p-445