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How to model a vendor where they only ship on Wednesdays? This is just an example …

That is something we need to be careful with. First of all, keep in mind the difference with Sales. In there, we have the “Shipping Agent” where we can define an “Agent Service” (F5790). This shipping agents are what we (our Cronus company) uses to define how are we shipping this including schedule (by setting a calendar) and shipping time (by setting it as well). Now, if we are back in Purchases … we don’t have this. Thus, we cannot define which shipping days is the vendor using. One of the reasons here is that we (Cronus company) have the right (is our business process) to choose the shipping agent we would like to work with. But, it is the vendor right to use that.

Another perspective here is the following. The vendor’s lead time is based on: time required to enter the order + time required to manufactured (or purchase) the item we are requesting + time required in vendor’s warehouse + shipping time from vendor’s to our Cronus location. Thus, it is not just the shipment time. It is all the time it requires on the vendor’s to fulfill our purchase requirement and have it ready in our warehouse. From this perspective, when we define (as an example) a lead time of 4W for a given vendor, what we are actually setting is the time it requires to prepare+produce+ship the goods. Thus, those 14W includes everything.

Lastly, we don’t have such a “Vendor Shipment Date” in the purchase line. Thus, we don’t care about when do they plan to ship this. We care about the “Order Date” which is when we need to place the order in the vendor’s to ensure it arrives on time (“Expected Receipt Date”). For the current design, the shipment date for the vendor is an internal process they need to care about.

And, here is your request. Sometimes you are requesting how we setup a vendor which ships on Wednesdays and have a 4W shipping time into our warehouse. That is an issue since we don’t have shipping agent as in Sales we do. For instance:

– What about setting a vendor calendar with Wednesdays as the only working day? It will work to set the Wednesday as the “Order date” but, is that what we require? Remember, from a NAV design “Order Date” is the date when we need to place the order but not the vendor’s shipment date. Moreover, it will consider the 10D as 10 weekdays since we consider that vendor only works on Wednesdays and we need 4W (28 days or 28 Wednesdays) to produce+prepare+ship.

– What about setting Wednesdays as the only working day in our Cronus calendar? No way, we might have different calendar and we should not forcing doing this.

Thus, what can we do in here? First, we need to understand this design and the fact we don’t have such a similar functionality in Purchases as in Sales like “Shipping Agent”. Then, can we set a calendar with Wednesdays as the only working date and 4D as lead time?

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