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AX 2012 has provided a new dimension framework that includes
a shared chart of accounts and system-backed financial dimensions. The concept
commonly known as ‘Fixed dimensions’ available in releases prior to AX 2012 is supported
differently in the new framework.

    1.  If your scenario is to fix a dimension value to
    “Blank” for a specific account prior to AX 2012, the new account structure
    functionality will provide this support. Account structures are used to
    determine the valid combinations of main account and financial dimension values
    that should be posted to a general ledger account. You can create multiple
    account structures that can be used by a chart of accounts. For example, you
    may have 2 different account structures such as this:

    Balance Sheet Segments included: Main Account+ Department

    Profit and Loss Segments included: Main Account + Department + Cost Center

    This setup will ensure that CostCenter is not available when recording entries against any of the main accounts
    that are defined in the range for the Balance Sheet account structure.

    2.  If your scenario is to fix a dimension value to
    a specified value for a specific account prior to AX 2012, you can set up the
    main account as an allocation account and define the allocation terms
    destination to be to the specific dimension value. When recording an entry
    against this account, the posting to general ledger will include this dimension

    For example, I want a specific cash account to always be posted with Department “001” but the offsetting profit and
    loss account may be posting to other department values. By selecting the main
    account (General ledger > Setup > Chart of accounts > Chart of
    accounts), and then selecting to view the main account for a specific company,
    select the “Allocation” checkbox in the general tab. The Allocation terms
    button will be enabled and you can select to define the allocation terms.

    Assuming my cash account number is 110020, and my account structure for this account is Main Account + Department,
    my allocation term would look like this:

    Percent allocation: 100.00

    Source financial dimension criteria:

    Department: Unspecific (this means
    that this rule is in play no matter what department value is entered on the

    Destination ledger account:

                                    To account: leave this blank

                                    To financial dimensions:

                                                    Department: 001

    This setup would then always post to department 001 when posting to main account 110020 for the specified

    3.  If your scenario is to fix a dimension value to a specified value for a specific account prior to AX 2012 because the dimension
    value is representing a sub account, you have another option. You can set up
    the main account number to include the dimension value instead of using a
    dimension. For example, using the cash account above, the main account number
    could be 110020001.

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