New benchmarks and white papers for Convergence!

We are happy to announce that the following benchmarks are available, just in time for Convergence!

  • Enterprise Portal benchmark
  • Hyper-V benchmark
  • High volume inventory benchmark for retail environments
For details, see the Performance team blog post: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Benchmarks: Hyper-V, EP, and High-volume Inventory.

The following white papers have also recently been published:

  • Introducing the SysOperation framework
    This white paper compares the SysOperation framework that was introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with the RunBaseBatch framework, and introduces common development scenarios.

  • Shared financial data management
    This white paper provides conceptual information so that you can plan the chart of accounts for your legal entity. It also provides the steps necessary to set up one or more charts of accounts, including procedures for setting up a ledger, shared financial dimensions, shared fiscal calendars, shared account structures, and advanced rules.