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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers users the flexibility to postpone the transfer of subledger journal entries to the general ledger.  The purpose of this functionality is to provide options for those users who are concerned about performance issues and also provide the ability to summarize transactions in the General Ledger.  The three options available for posting are:

  • Synchronous – Posts the transactions from the source document to the general ledger immediately, at the same time.  This is how posting is handled in previous versions of AX.  Summarization is not available when using synchronous posting.
  • Scheduled Batch – Users will also have the ability to send the transactions to a batch and post them to the general ledger periodically  Posting through the use of a batch provides the ability to summarize transactions.
  • Asynchronous – Asynchronous posting will effectively transfer the source document subledger journal to the general ledger journal AFTER the source document is journalced into the subledger journal. 


The batch transfer rules can be defined by going to General Ledger | Setup | General Ledger parameters | Batch transfer rules.

Journal entires can be summarized across documents of the same type when the journal entries have the same dates, posting types, currency, and ledger accounts.  Only transfer modes of Asynchronous and Scheduled Batch allow for journal entries to be summarized. 


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