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Creating an xml file for the file adapter to call an AIF service on AX 2012 can be very difficult.  This tool is aimed at helping you create the XML file.  The directions for how you use it are below.


  • From the attached zip file copy both the axdTool.exe and axdTool.exe.config files into the same directory.
  • Modify the axdTool.exe.config using Notepad, Visual Studio or any XML editor.  The config file needs to point to your AOS on your domain.

// netTcpBinding:
//   up maxBufferSize, e.g. to 10240000
//   up maxReceivedMessageSize, e.g. to 10240000
//   up maxStringContentLength, e.g. to 81920
// endpoint

 //  Service URL for integration port “AifGDS”:
//  endpoint -> address, e.g. to net.tcp://myAOS:8201/DynamicsAx/Services/AifGDS

//  Endpoint identity (e.g. machine that is hosting AOS/services):

//   endpoint ->identity -> dns -> value, e.g.


Since the tool relies on data in AX, you need to specify a
company for which at least one record exists for the query; the usage from a
command line in the directory to which both files have been copied is as


Usage: axdTool getSampleAxd|getSampleEk <query-name> <company-name>

Example 1: “axdTool getSampleEk AxdSalesOrder DAT”

Example 2: “axdTool getSampleAxd AxdCustomer CEU > AxdSalesOrder.xml”

Once the xml file is generated open the file in Visual Studio and save it.  Saving it in Visual Studio will correct the line breaks and make the xml viewable from Internet Explorer. 


Please note the following:

The xml that is generated does not include the header information.  You’ll need to add that to your xml file.

This tool is an unsupported tool that has not been officially tested.  Don’t call into support and ask us about it.

The xml that is generated is for a read operation.  You will need to modify the xml file for use with creates, updates and deletes.

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