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The General Ledger wizard included in Jet Reports Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been redesigned to provide ease-of-use benefits and offer consistent styling with the Table Builder.


Key improvements include:

  • Generic description of the Global and Advanced Dimension code captions (e.g. “Global Dimension 1” or “View Dim 1”) has been replaced by the specific dimension code captions (e.g. “Department Code” or “Business Group Code”) (see fig 1).  
  • Advanced capabilities are exposed to make them easier to discover and use.  Examples include:
    • Allowing special characters (e.g.  “&”) in a filter
    • Using Microsoft Excel’s named ranges in filters
  • Improved descriptions of what is retrieved when you use the General Ledger wizard.  This provides the users with a simpler understanding of what is being retrieved (see fig 2).

Fig 1 – Updated Wizard with specific dimension code highlighted.

Fig 2. Clear decriptions of what is retreived.  This message varies based on whether the user enters a start date, and end date, both or neither.

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