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The preferred method is to use File, but you can also use
.gif and .jpeg images as well.  I’m going
to use File in this example. 

Start by creating a text file in Notepad Called Test Work
Instructions and save the file to a drive for example c:\temp

Then in AX go to Production Control Parameters>Lean
Manufacturing>Production Instructions and view details on the production
instructions field

Set it like this:


Filter on Type: Manufacturing and Replenishment Strategy:
Fixed  Like this:

Now we are going to set the document handling for the kanban

Click File>Command>Document handling to open the
document handling form.

Click New and select type File and you will then be prompted
to select your .txt file from C:\temp.

When done it should look like this:

Now close the form and while still in Kanban Rules open the
Kanbans fast tab and select the first kanban

000353_1018 for item SCPS_PSCL like this:


And click the Print button and you will be able to see the
Kanban with work instructions:

We currently have a request to dev regarding the ? mark at
the end.  Now these instructions can also
be seen on the Kanban scheduling board for process.  If you close the Kanban rules form and go
back to production control>Common>Lean Manufacturing>Kanban board for
process jobs

Set work cell to SCPS_Cover and card number and select card
number PSCLBE01 like this:


Note the work instructions on the production instructions

One fact to note is that if you do not assign document
handling instructions, AX will by default use the item description from the
item card as the work instructions. 


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