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Webinar Title:            Sell More, Sell Smarter, Sell Faster – The Power of 5
Date/Time:                 Thu Jun 21, 2012, 9:00 AM, USA Pacific
Duration:                    1.5 Hours
Intended Audience:    New and existing customers of CRM as well as partners reselling CRM

All sales organizations are looking to systemically drive better performance, productivity and predictability from their sales organization. At the same time, many organizations struggle to maximize their productive selling time. In this educational webinar, you’ll learn how to best leverage your investment in Dynamics CRM, and achieve greater sales success. Following a day in the life of the typical rep, five Microsoft Partners will explain how their specialist technologies enhance Dynamics CRM to help you increase your productivity and top-line sales:

Microsoft Dynamics ISV’s Presenting:

  • How to get the information on the key people in your deal
  • Spend more time in meaningful engagements

Heidi Tucker
VP of Strategic Alliances

  • How to keep your prospects and customers engaged
  • Build a pipeline of well qualified deals

Cari Aves
Product Marketing

  • How to maximize your chances of winning the deal
  • Work on the right deals and get accurate forecasts

Paul Dilger
Director of Product Marketing

  • How to motivate and enable your sales people for success
  • Gain visibility into your incentive costs and successes

Erik Charles
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

  • How to send sign, save and send documents anywhere, on any device
  • Close out contracts faster

Dan Reid
Director of Product Management

John O’Donnell, ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation

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