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If you rely on the Retail Store Connect Pack Viewer to debug your data path between headquarters and your stores you may run into this error:




“Cannot find deserializer for request header type:  Microsoft.Dynamics.Retail.StoreConnect.Request.Base.SCTargetRequestHeader”


This is due to a problem with how the packet viewer determines if a packet is a “source” packet or a “target” packet.  In previous versions, this distinction was based solely on the filename:  “SERVER8HQ-114-I.tmp” vs. “SERVER8HQ-114-R.tmp”.  However, there are certain scenarios in 2012 where an “I” packet should be evaluated as an “R” packet.

This issue will be fixed in a future release, but in the meantime there is a very simple workaround you can do to get past the error:  rename your file in your temp directory.  In my case I renamed my file to “SERVER8HQ-114-R.tmp” and the Pack Viewer was able to extract the data to a subfolder:




This subfolder will have XML representations of the contents which you can then load using any XML viewer.

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