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I recently was working on the issue when Enums values in report were not translated into user language. I always got it in EN-US.

Please look into following example. I have two columns which are displaying the same value Cust Account Statement. The difference is that in one column the values are translated and in the other they are not translated:


The difference between those two columns are following.

When you select fields from your provider (the same will be for query) you can see that fields which are based on enums are mentioned twice:

One field is handling Name which is just value and the other one is handling the label for the value. So in the design if I pick up the field which is handling Name it will be never translated as label is held in Label field. So when you look into design:

So the solution is easy to use always FieldName1 because this field is handling correct label value.

You will never run into the issue when you generate precision design based on auto design or in auto design, as we always put correct column in such a cases.

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