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In support, we have been seeing issues with printing Dynamics AX 2012 checks and I wanted everyone to know about what we have found.

MICR characters not printing correctly:

In previous versions of AX, the MICR font that was used was MICR E13B Normal and MICR E13B 2.1 BT.  Dynamics AX 2012 now uses the IDAutomationMICR.TFF font to print the MICR characters.  When the AX client is installed, the IDAutomationMICR font is installed.  If AOS or the SSRS server is not on the same machine as the AX client, the IDAutomationMICR.TFF font will not be installed. 

If the report contains special fonts like MICR and Bar Codes and print correctly when printed to the screen, but do not render correctly when printed to the printer or pdf, the font will need to be manually installed on the AOS Server and the SSRS Server.  Just copy the IDAutomationMICR.TFF file from the Windows\Fonts folder on the AX client machine to the AOS or SSRS server Windows\Fonts folder.

Once the font has been manually installed, restart the SSRS Service and AOS Service and you should then see the MICR characters correctly.

If the above does not work for you:

1.  Uninstall the IDAutomationMICR.TFF font
2.  Reboot the SSRS server
3.  Copy the IDAutomationMICR.TFF font from the Dynamics AX client
4.  Reboot the SSRS server again
5.  Verify that the Report service is started

Check alignment issues:

We have listened to feedback since the initial release of AX 2012 and implemented some changes to the Check Alignment forms in the latest Cumulative Update (CU3)

Please refer to the Cumulative Update 3 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 page for the fix list at;en-us;2709934  (PartnerSource or CustomerSource login required) 



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