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We have come across an issue where users are getting the following error message when trying to do any posting(Sales Order, Purchase Order, Journal) in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

F.e This error message is produced when doing a Sales Order invoicing posting

 Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.ErrorException: Exception of type ‘Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.ErrorException’ was thrown.

    at Dynamics.Ax.Application.FormletterService.Run() in 174
    at Dynamics.Ax.Application.FormletterService.Postsalesorderinvoice(SalesFormLetterInvoiceContract _contract) in FormletterService.postSalesOrderInvoice.xpp:line 14
    at FormletterService::postSalesOrderInvoice(Object , Object[] )

Or from a journal posting(Where the Development option ‘Execute business operation in CIL’ has been unchecked)

“Error message: Update has been canceled because of an error

Posting has been canceled”

The error only occurs in certain legal entities, in other legal entities the postings goes through with no problem

What we found is that we could resolve this error by opening up the table ‘DimensionAttributeValueCombinationStatus’ in the AOT and ensure that the field ‘Is Valid’ is checked.

If unchecked, try to check it and see if you are able to post. We have seen a certain scenario when renaming a dimension the ‘IsValid’ field in ‘DimensionAttributeValueCombinationStatus’ is incorrectly cleared for the current company when disabling it for another company





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