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According to the German Federal Central Tax office (BZSt) the current form for electronic submission of the EU Sales list will no longer be available from 01.01.2013. The reason for this is the simplification of the 2011 German tax law. To address this change the EU Sales list can be transmitted via the existing authorization of the BZSt online portal or the ElsterOnline portal

Our first evaluation has shown that both options have their advantages and disadvantages for customers.

ELMA5 is a mass data transfer from BZSt. This method can be used for transferring more than 1,000 reporting lines as well as the reporting from foreign entities. A single reporting of EU Sales list for one legal entity with less than 1,000 lines can be delivered in CSV-format via the BZStOnline Portal only.

ElsterOnline-Portal is suitable for all business owners that need to transmit an EU Sales list in general. The transmission with the Elster portal has limitations; an EU Sales list including more than 1,000 reporting lines can be specified in the CSV-file, but foreign companies and distributions for several companies cannot be transferred through the ElsterOnline Portal.

These options are currently being evaluated and we will come to a decision on which of the two methods that will be implemented.

A suitable solution will be available in a timely manner.

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