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Setup principals for processing pallets in Microsoft Dynamics AX


So the scenario might be that in your warehouse you want to receive pallets of items using the arrival overview and arrival journals.  Here are some principals to remember when setting up and processing.


1.      You need to enable the pallet dimension on the item Dimension group:


By doing this you will enable AX to track a pallet as an inventory dimension where the pallet can contain multiple items and can be moved or picked from. 

 2.      Setup and select a pallet type on the item

a.     You can also at this time enter a pallet quantity

b.     Quantity per layer

c.      A min quantity if the pallet will be used as an output transport from production


3.     A warehouse item for the warehouse(s) where you will be handling the pallet.  You can create these from the Released product>Action pane>Manage inventory tab>Warehouse items

a.     Enter Store zone

b.     Default receipt location (type Inbound dock)

c.      Default issue location (type Outbound dock)

d.     Picking location (type Picking)


Note: For each location make sure that you specify the Max. Pallets that the location can hold.  Sometimes users will see this error “Cannot find location for pallet xxxx in warehouse xxxx when attempting to post their arrival journal for pallets. 


When using pallets, the posting process of the arrival is attempting to create a pallet transport from the Inbound location to the picking location designated on the warehouse item.  This error usually indicates that the Picking location does not have room for the pallet(s) so they cannot be transported.  You will either need to increase the pallets on the picking location or select a different picking location. 

You may also get this error because you did not have the Check picking location field selected on the Arrival journal General tab. 

Finally this error can indicated that the pallet you are using on your item may not be a member of the pallet type group that is set on the inbound and picking locations.  Here is where the pallet type group is set:



Once your settings are correct you should be able post the arrival journal and your pallets will be ready to transport to their picking bin.   







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