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Developers can write custom plug-ins and register them to execute when a certain message request and entity combination is processed by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Dynamics CRM Online event execution pipeline. Most but not all message requests support the execution of plug-ins. To find out what message request and entity combinations support execution of plug-ins, refer to the SDK topic  Supported Messages and Entities for Plug-Ins. That topic tells you where to find the complete table, which is quite large. In the currently shipping SDK (v5.0.12) and past SDK releases, we provided the table as an Excel spreadsheet in the SDK download. The spreadsheet employs column filters which enables customers to find the desired message and entity combinations quite easily.

In a future Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK release, we will be adding a static copy of the message/entity table to the Supported Messages and Entities for Plug-Ins topic. We will also be working on improving finding the table’s information in web search results.


Peter Hecke

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