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Sometimes we need to run some specific object (page, report, codeunit or xmlport) on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Role Tailored Client. Let say we want to test report received from customer on our Cronus demo db.

The easiest way is of course to run report directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Development Environment Object Designer. However, if we have few client versions on our pc then this way could be impossible

Then we can add run object as action in initial role center.

Again, I need to create action for every new object I want to test – unproductive.

Faster way is to add new menu shortcut in menu suite 1010, then it populates to RTC menu.

Nevertheless, this action need to be repeated for every object I want to test…

Finally, I have chosen another way:

  1. I created new page which populates all runnable objects from Object table and added function to start “current record” object. (page 50100 attached)
  2. I added shortcut to this page in Menu suite 1010.

Now I have:

  1. This page is searchable in RTC search menu – I can open it fast from any place in RTC.
  2. I can choose any object from object list and run it by double click on it or use action Run.


Now whatever I import to object designer I can it run directly from RTC.
Moreover, I can run even objects from standard application if I do not know how to find it in menus 🙂

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Gedas Busniauskas
Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) EMEA


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