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Recently we have seen a few issues where users can only deploy reports for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 if you are a domain admin. This is the scenario; you have a user trying to deploy reports using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Utility, you get an error saying you need to be a member of the administrators group on SSRS machine, basically some variation of “you don’t have enough permissions” even though you have all the permissions required which does not include having to be a domain admin, you do not need to be a domain admin to deploy reports. Here is an example of the error message below:


“An error occurred: The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.”

Error messages about not enough permissions can happen because the user doesn’t have enough permissions to do the deploy, but if you check that they do have all the right privileges as per and it still says they don’t have enough permissions then this is why making the user a domain admin solved this problem. Actually the code inside axutil is trying to make a check for the user’s permissions – and it is the check itself that needs higher permissions (it’s looking into Active Directory). So the problem is that the user does not have enough rights to make the check in Active Directory, but they would have enough to actually deploy reports.


Install KB2744300 which is Kernel build 6.0.1108.1870, or any other higher kernel build would be fine.

The fix is going to add an extra switch to the deploy command so that you can bypass the check if you want to.

The switch is: -SkipReportServerAdminCheck

So when you publish reports it will look like this for example:

Publish-axreport -reportname custtranslist -SkipReportServerAdminCheck

Please note this only works for deploying reports in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Utility.

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