Dynamics AX 2012 Reporting: How to add company logo into query based report

In the old X++ framework (Dynamics AX 2009 and earlier) when you wanted to display company logo on report you could use display method on table. In Dynamics AX 2012 that would not work.

For RDP reports you could add CompanyLogo field into temporary table and then fill it in Data Provider class (for details please look into Sales Invoice report, class SalesInvoiceDP method insertIntoSalesInvoiceTmp).

But what if you don’t want to use RDP report but Query based report. To get it to work you need to:

1.      Create query based on table CompanyImage and I added field dataAreaId to Range:

2.      Add this query as data source to SSRS report with property Dynamic Filters = False

3.      There has been added parameter CompanyImage_dataAreaId. Specify following properties for this parameter to be automatically populated:

DefaultValue: =Parameters!AX_CompanyName.Value

Visibility: Hidden

4.      In precision design I could add Image to be connected to added data source