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In AX2012, the country/region context has replaced the country configuration

In earlier version of AX configuration keys had to be enabled
manually and they were installation wide. If the installation included legal
entities from multiple countries or regions they all were affected by the
configuration keys settings.

The new country/region context framework
uses the primary address of the current legal entity to determine the
appropriate context.
If you for example want to use the Tax 1099 you need to
have USA as country/region on the primary address on that legal entity.
country/region settings are also fully aligned to the EU Sales list and
Intrastat reporting features.

A known issue which I want you to be aware
of is that payment formats also can be affected. In Sweden AX uses different
bank account types, so you need to setup SWE as Country/Region on the address
“tab” on the vendor bank account. After that you are able to choose which vendor
bank account type you want to use.


Written by Johan Hellman



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