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Since October 1st 2012 the Netherlands VAT rate has changed from 19% to 21%. In order to update the NL VAT report in AX2009 & AX2012 to reflect this, the text on the VAT report needs to be changed from


‘1a Belast met 19%’ to ‘1a Belast met 21%’ for the Tax reporting code 110


Here is the procedure how to do this for Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 2012  


AX 2009


1. Go to the AOT\Reports\TaxReport_NL

2. Locate the method ”makeReport’ and on line 9 change the text  ‘1a Belast met 19%’; to ‘1a Belast met 21%


3. Save


AX 2012


1. Go to the AOT\Classes\TaxReportController_NL

2. On this class go to the method ‘Fetch’

3. In here edit the label “@SYS310883′(rightclick on the label in the code and select lookup label/text) on line 20 for the language NL so that the label reflects the new VAT %.


4. Save









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