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Many people are excited about being able to use browsers other than Internet Explorer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is now possible with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 or the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update. One thing to note though, with this change, your form scripts could break due to how different browsers use JavaScript. See Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM for more information.

Perhaps you want to upgrade to Update Rollup 12 or the December 2012 Service Update, but you haven’t been able to test your scripts on browsers other than Internet Explorer?  You may want to download and install the solution described in the technical article: Control Which Browsers Your Organization Supports. With just a little configuration to this solution, you can create a policy that controls the browsers that users in your organization can use to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (By default, it enforces the use of Internet Explorer.)

This solution isn’t going to fix any problems with your scripts, but it may help narrow the scope of broken scripts to just those involving Internet Explorer. The solution can also provide some time for you to do testing with other browsers until you uninstall it and allow people use the full set of browsers now supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Or, perhaps your organization already has your own policy about the browsers you support. If you only support Internet Explorer, you can leave this solution in place to remind people who might accidentally use a different browser. If you want to exclude other browsers, a JavaScript developer can modify the script in the solution so that a different set of rules can be applied. See the article for details about how to do this.

As we were developing this latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we used a modified version of this solution with our internal CRM implementation so that people could not use Internet Explorer. We did this so we could discover issues that might exist with other browsers. It came in handy!


Jim Daly

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