10 things I love about Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update

1.  The Flow User Experience Forms (UUX forms) – These are the new “process flow” forms with the process bar up the top of each form. The Process Bar is a new, simple, guided and intuitive way for users to work through their company’s
business process. Each step clearly outlines the current stage of the process and makes suggestions on information to be collected and recommends specific activities. It is a more process-centric, outcome-oriented and guided experience. I also love the clean Modern look of these UUX Forms!

2. Easily Edit the Process Bar. The Process bar can be easily edited to meet your business process. No coding required. Just select the “Edit Sales Process” from the menu option 
   Then you can build your own process using the “Process Control Customization Tool” where you can edit/add your “Stages”, “Steps”, and “Fields”

3. Posts-Activities-Notes all in one place. Tab between Posts, Activities and Notes right within the new Flow User Experience (UUX) forms.  

4.  Phone Call Activities are auto-created. When you click on a phone number or Skype Name, the system auto-creates a Phone activity and places the cursor on the Activity. Woo hoo! You don’t have to
manually create a Phone Activity anymore. It also has a “left voice mail” check box. These simple features allow for, “quick productivity gains.”



5. Skype-to-Skype calling. Trigger a Skype-to-Skype Call, if the phone number field has a Skype handle.  The phone number/Skype Name will be hyperlinked and clickable.

6. Auto Save. An User no longer has to click “Save” when they enter their data into an UUX form. The system auto-saves as you type away. Then when you close the form, it saves automatically. Yippee! No more
paranoia about saving my work.

7. Bing Maps– Bing Maps are available on the Lead, Account & Contact forms. You can see exactly where on the map for directions. No more ALT TABBING! the customer is located without ever leaving Dynamics CRM. You can click on the map for directions. No more ALT TABBING!


8. Cross Browser Support on Windows Devices: You can access Dynamics CRM Online org via Firefox, Chrome as well as Safari on McIntosh Desktops. Below is a list of browsers that are supported.

9. Opt-In– Existing customers can Opt-In to the new Update experience. This is not an auto-update. You can Opt In by going to Settings>Administration> Product Updates> Update.

10.  Switching to Classic View: a user can switch to “Classic mode” from a menu option at the top of the form.



Zakia Ovington, Dynamics CRM Technical Specialist, Microsoft Corporation.