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Customers and Partners Save Time when Using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated tool and a native part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that helps speed up the implementation process and facilitates better control of the whole process. It includes Configuration Packages, Project Overview, Questionnaires, and Master Data Import.


TRIMIT gains complete control of the implementation process

RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps TRIMIT Fashion provide a complete setup of a new company. TRIMIT use it to configure the application. It gives them an overview of which areas are being processed and which are already completed, who is responsible for setting up an application area and what else will be affected by the specifics of the setup.

Better overview promotes better communication

Kitty Bisseling, Partner Supporter at TRIMIT, finds that “using the Project Overview, the customer is able to get a better overview of the setup work that still needs to be done.”

According to Alexander Pontoppidan Thyssen, Business Consultant at CORNATOR, RapidStart Services streamlines communication: “RapidStart Services has helped improve communication both internally as well as externally because people tend to be more aligned with the “why” and the “how” when they address the issues and challenges that they come across when implementing,” Thyssen says.

Standardization saves time

RapidStart Services comes with a standardized Configuration Package with out-of-the-box general setup data, such as currency codes, posting groups, VAT templates, chart of accounts, payment terms, and countries.

For their TRIMIT Fashion solution, TRIMIT has also extended it with Configuration Packages specifically for Fashion Wholesale companies. This extends the pre-set data with fashion-specific data templates of Matrices for Color and Sizes. The standardized Configuration Packages shortens the implementation time for TRIMIT’s customers by providing them with predefined fashion-specific colors, sizes, washing label descriptions and more.

Especially for smaller companies, the whole setup of a new Company can be adopted, so the customers can start up very quickly; this really saves time for the customer and for the consultant,” says Bisseling.

The standardized Configuration Packages have improved efficiency for CORNATOR’s customers: “Knowledge and thereby efficiency is in general improved across departments and between consultants, because we use the same data foundation across implementations”, says Thyssen.

Shorter learning curve

RapidStart Services also includes Questionnaires, which TRIMIT has used to ask specific questions about the fashion company being setup. By offering out-of-the-box questionnaires, RapidStart Services makes it possible for everyone to start up their own company with only minimal training required.

It is also a great tool for guiding the customers to what they need to do; even when the consultant is not present,” Bisseling says.

Greater flexibility for the future

RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a native part of the product, which means that it is available both on-premise and in the cloud, giving customers more flexibility. Bisseling believes that in the future, when more companies start to adopt the SaaS concept as a way of working with more standard and less customized functionality, RapidStart Services will help guide their customers through the implementation process.


TRIMIT is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner specialized in fashion, furniture, product configuration, and trade and distribution. TRIMIT, an industry solution designed and built within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, enhances the ERP solution with a wealth of industry-specific functionality to manage design, cuts, colors, sizes, and more. The ERP system also integrates with Microsoft Excel for reporting and business planning and with Microsoft Word for importing customer information automatically into forms, letters, and marketing communications. The TRIMIT Solution helps fashion and furniture Companies handle a greater number of product variants by simplifying product configuration. Together, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the industry solution, TRIMIT help companies run their business by providing them with configured Master Data Templates, including Matrices for Color and Sizes.

In 2008, the company CORNATOR divided into two independent companies, CORNATOR and TRIMIT. CORNATOR continued to support the Danish market as a VAR (Value Added Reseller), and TRIMIT continued to develop “state of the art” functionality for TRIMIT solutions and to build an international partnership strategy that focuses on the fashion and furniture industries. All 70 employees of  CORNATOR work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.