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We are pleased to announce the release of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online iPad experience for salespeople, as well as new enterprise social networking scenarios offered through Yammer.  To
get these capabilities, your organization must start by installing the product update.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Install the product update – Install or have a system administrator install the product update for your organization. For more information, see Installing Product Updates
  2. Set up Yammer – There are additional steps after the product update is installed that you must do to use Yammer. For more information, see Installing Yammer
  3. Run CRM on iPad – After your organization has installed the product update, there is nothing else you need to set up or configure in order to access your data on an iPad.  For more information, see Using the iPad

After your organization has installed the product update, you can start using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online on your iPad. This new user interface lets you use your mobile device to update data and stay in touch while you make sales

And after Yammer is configured, you can stay up to date with the records you care about and hold conversations with your colleagues without navigating away from the work area. When you follow a record, changes to it will trigger a notification on your screen. You’ll be able to look up this information later, along with your conversations, right in the record.

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