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When creating new payment services or when adding new users to Dynamics Online, we need to ensure that we are assigning proper roles to these services.  This user role can then be used to enter in the Payment Services setup in AX in conjunction with the service they have access to.  A newly created Microsoft Account or user within Dynamics Online will not have any roles assigned until they are manually added.  Thus they will run into “service unavailable” errors when attempting to log into the service at  We will need to modify this user to assign any services and roles they should have access to in the Customer Portal so that they can either make payments using that service or access the customer portal administration for that service.  Below are the steps for adding user roles. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click For Customers
  3. Click Sign in
  4. Enter your Microsoft account and password credentials
  5. In the Customer Portal, click on User Management in the left navigation pane.
  6. Select a user by putting a checkmark to the left of their name and click Edit.
    1. Or select New User and skip step 6.
  7. If a new user, enter in the User details
  8. Under Services and Roles we will want to select the access this user has.
  9. You can select individual services and roles and add them to the Selected Roles.
    For instance, if you have multiple Payment services set up for multiple stores, you will see a list of Administrators, System User, Users, and Limited Users for each payment service.  
  10. Select the access you want this user to have and click the Arrows to move the service from the Available Roles to the Selected Roles.
  11. Click Save.
  12. This change is immediate, so that user can try the access right away.


If you have any issues with the setup, access, or other errors in Dynamics Online, I would suggest opening a support ticket for an engineer to assist you.


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