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If you install the CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 you will find that you cannot read the “Record ID” value directly in the Integration Record table as you used to in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. If you try to look at the contents of this table you will see the following:




This can make troubleshooting a CRM Connector problem difficult as the Record ID is often required to associate a change transaction with a specific row in the relevant NAV table. The solution is to create a Dynamics NAV Page to enable you to format the Record ID into human readable format. The steps below will give the desired result:

1. Create a new Page in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment.

2. Specify the page should be built on table id 5151 (Integration Record).

3. Select “Create a Page using a wizard” using the List option:




4. Add all table fields to the new Page and click the “Finish” button:




5. In the Page Designer, amend the SourceExpr, Name and Caption as shown below to ensure that the Record ID value is formatted correctly:




6. Save the Page and run it to see the Integration Record data as required:




7. Note that you can now filter on the Record ID which is a common requirement when troubleshooting CRM Connector issues:




Gerard Conroy

Microsoft Escalation Engineer.

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