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When deploying reports in AX2012 you might run into the following error: “The network name cannot be found”

You can see the error occurred when deploying the assemblies.

Below is an example where we did not get the error and I am running the -Verbose command to see where we are running into the error.

We were getting the “The network name cannot be found” error when we are creating the assemblies in the temporary location at \\dax2012\C$\TEMP\AXSRSAssemblies.

The key here is that we are creating the assemblies in the hidden share C$.


The cause of this error is that access to the Administrative share C$ has been disabled.

By default, Windows Server 2008 automatically creates special hidden administrative shares that administrators, programs, and services can use to manage the computer environment or network. These special shared resources are not visible in Windows Explorer or in My Computer. However, you can view them by using the Shared Folders tool in Computer Management.


Therefore when deploying reports please make sure you have access to the administrative share C$.



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