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If you log into AX Dynamics 2012 and in the foreign curreny revaluation(exchange adjustment) in another language than English and wish to filter on reviewed and non-reviewed transactions the filter is not executed. This applies both for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

For example, here is an example in Swedish language.Whether you select ‘Inte granskad’(not reviewed) or ‘Granskat’(reviewed) for a reviewed transaction the results are the same

The problem is located in form ‘VendExchRateAdustment. Specifically the executeQuery method on the ‘VendExchRateAdjustment’ datasource

In here the values for the selection criteria are hardcoded in English with the values ‘All’, ‘Not reviewed’ etc



The issue can be resolved by filtering on the enumerated values instead, as on the screenshot below

The same solution can be used on the Accounts Receivable side

The issue is registered with Development for correction in an upcoming service release


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