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RapidStart helps to reduce the time to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but what about ISV add-ons?

Once your customer has agreed to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation, they immediately start to look for a return on their investment. RapidStart is designed to  help meet customer expectations for a faster time to value by simplifying the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – but, ISV add-ons can add complexity to the project – especially if the setup process is not managed in the same way as the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product.

Selecting software solutions compatible with RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to deliver more within the initial implementation further reducing your customers’ time to value.

Equisys, the Microsoft Dynamics ISV behind Zetadocs Express, is an example of a company that has embraced RapidStart to make life easier for partners. Equisys provides
RapidStart files for Zetadocs that can be used on any Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 system to create security roles and permissions. Partners that have created  Configuration Packages in RapidStart Services can now extend those packages to include the Zetadocs objects and standard configuration data.

Simpler deployments

“Zetadocs Express provides an easy way to link documents, such as supplier invoices, to Microsoft Dynamics NAV records,” says Greg Cole, Zetadocs Product Manager. “By shipping RapidStart files and configuration data that can get a standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV system running in hours, we’ve made the implementation of Zetadocs super simple. All you need to add is your Microsoft Office SharePoint URL and you’re ready to start dragging and dropping documents onto any page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We’ve also gone a step further and created a tool that adds the Document FactBox to your pages without the need to write a line of code.”

Simple to add real value

Greg continues, “Partners are looking for repeatability and inexpensive ways to add value to their Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering. RapidStart is a great tool to help  deliver both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and document management in the same timeframe as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV project – without affecting implementation times.

By coupling RapidStart with Zetadocs Express, partners have a great way to differentiate their Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering and deliver real value for customers at no additional cost.”

Simple for you, too

Learn more about how to extend the standardized Configuration Package that comes out of the box with RapidStart Services tips and tricks. Zetadocs Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is our downloadable document management module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, available at no additional cost to users of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client who are on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan


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