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Latest release adds support for further Microsoft platforms, including 64-bit editions of OutlookEquisys are pleased to announce that platform support for ZetaDocsExpress for Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been extended to include Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, SharePoint 2013 and the 64-bit editions of Microsoft Outlook.

First launched in October 2011, Zetadocs Express is the downloadable document management module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is available at no additional cost to NAV users on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan.

Zetadocs Express is designed to save finance teams time and money by providing three essential document management capabilities directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Drag and drop: Any file, email or attachment onto a record in the NAV Windows client to automatically store it in SharePoint. Documents are linked to their NAV record and listed in the Documents FactBox when the record is viewed.

Document approval: Initiate simple SharePoint workflows for any document listed in the FactBox – such as an invoice – and monitor the approval status in NAV.

Save and send NAV reports: Click the “Save and Send” button to email almost any customized NAV reports in PDF format. Delivered documents are archived automatically in SharePoint and listed in the Documents FactBox for future retrieval on-screen.

Speaking of the new release, Zetadocs for NAV Product Manager, Greg Cole, said, “As the foundation edition of our document management family, Zetadocs Express is a great introduction to the time-saving potential of our Zetadocs solutions.

“Since its launch, we have continued to receive great feedback from partners and customers alike, so I’m delighted to broaden the number of supported platforms even further.”

Zetadocs Express is available to users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, with an active Business Ready Enhancement Plan. To download the latest version of Zetadocs Express, visit CustomerSource or PartnerSource.

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