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One of our most common requests for documentation is an end-to-end implementation guide for Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service (previously “Retail Store Connect”) and Commerce Data Exchange:  Real-time Service (previously “Retail Transaction Service”).  We are excited to announce that a white paper has just been published that will address this need.  As you can see by the subtitle, it is much more than just a how-to for installation:

Microsoft Dynamics® AX 

Implementation guide for Commerce Data Exchange 
White Paper

This document describes recommended patterns and practices for setting up, configuring, customizing, monitoring, and diagnosing Commerce Data Exchange: Synch Service and Commerce Data Exchange: Real-time Service.


While the document is specific to AX for Retail 2012 R2, most of it is very relevant to Store Connect and Transaction Service in 2012 R1.  Some of the concepts are even applicable to AX for Retail 2009.

Download locationImplementation guide for Commerce Data Exchange



Here are a couple screenshots of the table of contents to show you how comprehensive it is.  The document is also chock full of screen shots and process flow diagrams.

2013-06-11 11_26_07-Reader


2013-06-11 11_26_38-Reader



Give it a download and feel free to provide feedback through the normal Support channels.

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