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Just few words about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework installation.

Really installation is simple and straight forward. Usually just click setup.exe on installation DVD, choose install SharePoint portal framework, set few parameters and next,next, next…
Simplest scenario described at
How to install framework on multiple computers described at

And usually everything goes OK except cases when something happened during installation and ERROR: ‘Package Language Module (en-GB) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework failed with error.’ comes.
Here mentioned language can be any and depends on what language users tries to install.

People thinks this error means that only language failed to install because some components are installed, but really this message is very general error and means that NAV Portal framework installation failed and do not explain why it is so.
One of reasons could be described at described solution could help. If solutions doesn’t help, do next steps:
1. Uninstall NAV Portal Framework using the same NAV installation DVD – choose remove components and remove portal.
2. Go to DVD > SPC server and start Portal.msi. This will start directly portal installation and probably will show real reason like: ‘Unable to access local SharePoint farm’ or even finishes success.
3. Now we know what to do further: analyze what is error about and fix situation, or if everything ok then go to DVD>Installers>DE [or another language]>SPC>

Most of issues during installation came from users permissions: does account have enough permissions to SharePoint farm, to SharePoint database on SQL, does account under NST service have permissions to SQL SharePoint database and etc. Please check that at first…


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