Cash Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 – More News!

You read it here first! Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 will deliver exciting new features to support cash management for our customers and prospects.

What it really means for customers

The bottom line is increased productivity – for all our customers – in almost any segment! The new Cash Management features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 will automate and improve the cash management processes that are vital for all our customers regardless of the business they’re in.

Consider this:

  • New Cash Management functionality includes easy registration of payments to ensure faster business processes with fewer human errors.
  • You can import electronic payment files from banks and use them as basis for payments registrations. (In Denmark for Danish banks out of the box. Other countries will require minor configurations)
  • Bank Reconciliation is possible as both a manual and an automated process, with the option to import bank statements from banks and reconcile automatically. A simple tool can be used to set up automation, handle exceptions and complete the reconciliation process.
  • Bank Statements can be imported from 3rd party providers. The same functionality will allow partners to build their own integration to banks, meaning a free choice of providers.

What features are introduced to enable this?


A new feature is introduced that enables the user to export payment data to an electronic bank file in SEPA compliant format. This gives the user the possibility to integrate electronically with any bank in the Single European Payment Area and get higher efficiency in the payment process end-to-end.

Also, when payment instructions to the bank are managed directly in the system the user gets better control over the payment process and the ability toenhance cash flow due to SEPA rules about dates.


A new feature called SEPA Direct Debit Collections, which provides an efficient way to handle customer’s payment collections through your preferred bank in the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) with less manual entry of data and effective mandate handling.

The feature allows users to collect money from their customers in a seamless connected way with the invoicing process, minimizing the order to cash lead time and increasing their cash management efficiency.


A new tool that enables partners to import SEPA compliant schemas (ISO 20022) into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and export the desired xml tags in an xmlport ready format. This gives the partner an excellent starting point for building up new xmlport to handle SEPA format variations for its customers.

Also, when handling the xml schema, relevant information about each tag is displayed enabling filtering mandatory tags and attributes.

How and when you can learn more on MSDN

We are working on a number of knowledge articles right now and plan to have these ready for you soon on MSDN

Hear more first-hand at DIRECTIONS!

Don’t miss the upcoming Direction events. Join us to hear how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 offers new cash management features in a harmonized way across country versions. We will demonstrate the new features and you will learn how you can take it to your markets – enabling you to go for volume by having more application features to offer as standard.

Stay tuned for more info on the NAV team blog space, Yammer, MSDN, Directions and more.

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