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In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, you can import electronic bank statements and reconcile the imported bank statement with bank documents.

The advanced bank reconciliation feature consists of importing bank statements, setting up automatic matching rules, and reconciling bank statements.


Importing a bank statement

Before bank statements are imported, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 needs to be set up. Bank statements can be imported into AX 2012 R2 by using the Application integration framework (AIF) and setting up inbound ports. The bank formats that can be imported are: ISO20022, MT940 and BAI2. For more information about importing bank statements, see Set up advanced bank reconciliation import. To prepare for reconciling bank statements, start by setting up required parameters in the Cash and bank management parameters, the Bank account and the Bank statements forms. For more information about these parameters, take a look at this topic: Import and reconcile using advance bank reconciliation


Set up matching rules

You can set up reconciliation matching rules and matching rule sets to help with the bank reconciliation process. Reconciliation matching rules are a set of criteria that are used to filter bank statement and bank document lines during the reconciliation process. Using the Reconciliation matching rules form, you can select which actions and selection criteria are used when the matching rule is run during reconciliation.

Available actions include: Match with bank document – this action allows you to create criteria for how bank document and bank statement lines are matched.

Clear reversal statement lines – this action allows you to specify how reversal statement lines should be removed.

Mark new transactions – this action allow you to specify how new transactions are handled when the reconciliation rule runs.

For more information, take a look at the following information and example:  Set up bank reconciliation matching rules


Reconcile a bank statement

After the bank statement has been imported into the Bank statements form, you can reconcile the bank statement by using the Bank reconciliation worksheet form.

On the bank reconciliation form, you will see the bank statement and the bank documents transactions listed. You can select transaction lines that match up to reconcile them.

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