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In support, we have seen a few cases where processing credit cards in POS generates the following error, when Payment services is setup correctly:


The authorization could not be completed

Error code: InvalidExpirationDate

Error message: Invalid Argument:  ExpirationDate


In order to use credit cards in POS, the ‘Check expiration date’ box must be marked in the Card Setup window for the Card Payment method assigned to the store.

This is by design and documented in the following TechNet article:


Check expiration date:  Select the check box to require that cashiers enter card expiration dates.

Important:  Credit cards and debit cards can be processed only if the Check expiration date check box is selected.


In AX, go to Retail>>Common>>Retail channels>>Retail stores and select your store.

Select the ‘Set up’ menu and Set up>>Payment methods.

Select the ‘Cards’ Payment method and click on the Card setup button.

Select the Card ID that is generating the error.

In the General fast tab, under the Setup section, mark the ‘Check expiration date’ checkbox. 


When you run the job to push the Payment method change to POS, you should now be able to process the credit card, assuming you have EFT setup properly to process credit cards.

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