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In Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 there is a report under Accounts Payable\Reports\Purchase Orders\ called Pre-upgrade remaining accruals, technical name InventPurchAccruals

There has been some confusion to what the purpose of this report is. The help text says ‘Accruals amount for pre-upgrade product receipts not yet invoiced’, however it might still not be clear what the purpose of the report is, so here is an explanation we received from the Development department that informs what the purpose of this report is.

 “The report was developed for customers who used to Accrue in Ax 4.0 on purchase orders. Account payable parameter Post packing slip to ledger defined and the item ‘s inventory model group ‘Accrue on packing slip’ marked.

With these settings Ax4 generated extra posting entries on product receipt for accruing the liabilities which then were relieved when the purchase order was invoiced.

When upgrading to Ax2012 those posting entries  will get relieved at once as part of the upgrade job  and no equivalent will  be re-generated in Ax2012 for those.  This imply that temporarily for purchases received not yet invoiced prior to upgrade (which used to be accrued ) not accrual will be posted in general ledger in Ax2012. The issue resolves itself  when those purchase get ultimately  invoiced ( as no accrual balance  are expected any longer for those  )  However , in the meanwhile ( until all those purchase received not yet invoiced prior upgrade, get finally invoiced ) the report enable  monitoring what the accruals balance ought to be for those, so corrective ledger entry can be made for financial reporting if necessary.

The report list in quantity and cost FOR the “pre-upgrade” product receipt not yet invoiced, still not invoiced post upgrade .So in order to get something in that report you would need to have PO received not yet invoiced in AX4 , run the upgrade and print the report in DAX2012. Initially it will show the quantities and amount for the PO received not yet invoiced in AX4 . From that point on , if you now partially invoice those PO in Ax2012 and reprint the report, the  report will show the quantities and amount still remaining no invoiced for those.

The report is becoming obsolete once all the PO that were received not yet invoice in AX4 get finally invoiced in AX2012″


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