Lifecycle Services feature updates

Feedback system

This month’s update enabled feedback capability in LCS which you can use to provide feedback to the LCS team. The team actively monitors the feedbacks received. If you have any suggestions on a page or if there is something you like or dislike about LCS you can notify the team with the click of a few buttons as shown below. Hit the smiley, click on the feedback type, key in your feedback and hit Submit.



System Diagnostics

This release provides capability for advanced users to query the collected data. To access this feature, once you complete a successful collection navigate to Collectors tab as shown below. This tab also provides an auto complete search, pagination and sort on the result of a run that you have selected in the drop down. Therefore this feature gives customers visibility to their uploaded diagnostic data and enable customers to perform manual diagnostic data analysis.



One other update to system diagnostics tool is quick and easy authoring of rules. Use the feedback button above to submit your rules and the team will use this advanced rule authoring capability to add new rules for you.


License sizing update

With this update license sizing service is available in implementation and upgrade project types. Input validation enhancements and UI enhancements were undertaken in this release. Also the ability for roles to support mix of shared devices and individual is a new addition in this release. You can see a quick glimpse of this below



Usage profiler

Usage profiler also received UI enhancement. The input validations were improved and the questionnaires were updated and are made more relevant. The noise in the report is reduced as unanswered questions are no longer shown in the report. 

Customization and Upgrade Analysis

There are new rules that were added to customization analysis in this release. Messaging in the Customization project page around the supported build number was also updated which helps you understand which builds are supported. Similar feature updates were made for upgrade analysis as well.



LCS Team