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We have encountered that when posting a retail statement containing one customer sale order and one POS cash
only one voucher is created for the cash sale, as the voucher for the customer sales order is linked to the sales order.
As a result, the following happens:
  1. The amount from the payment journal does not match the statement amount – only the POS cash sales has a payment journal

  2. There is only 1 voucher generated for the POS cash sale, the voucher for Customer sales order is not visible
As it stands currently though, this behavior is “by design”. After looking into the issue, the Development team has come
to the conclusion that a design change will not be pursued due to the currently functionality working as Intended.
This decision was made as the payment journals for customer orders are posted separately and are not linked to the 
statement. However, the payments made for the customer orders are already captured as part of the statement.
This can be seen when viewing the transactions for the statement. A customization using these can then be made in 
order to achieve reconciliation easier.





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