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When you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online we have taken care to not change customizations you have made to how people navigate to areas in the application. Even though the navigation pane is now the navigation bar, you should see the same navigation options you had before. However, if you have made any changes to the application navigation using the sitemap before your upgrade, you may find you can’t see everything you should see in the navigation bar.

This post will tell you what you should see. Go ahead and compare the screenshots below with your upgraded organization. If you don’t see all these options follow the link provided below for instructions showing how you can add them.

These screenshots assume you have the system administrator security role. If you don’t have these full privileges to see everything, you might not be able to see certain areas because of limited privileges. Check with your system administrator to have them verify everything they need is there.

For the Sales, Service, and Marketing areas

In the My Work group you should see the What’s New sub-area.


In the Tools group, you should see the Alerts sub-area.


For the Settings area

In the System group you should see the Email Configuration, Post Configuration, and Post Rule Configuration sub-areas.



You will need to scroll all the way to the right to verify these are there.

For the Help area

You should see the Customer Center sub-area.


This sub-area provides access to the new content just for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. If you still see the CRM 2011 Resource Center, you should remove that and replace it with the Customer Center sub-area.

How to get missing sub-areas into your upgraded organization

To include these areas we have provided all the information you need in the Verify whether new areas are available in your upgraded organization topic on TechNet.

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