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As the design patterns hit the NAV C/AL developers world, they’ve got quite a reaction from the community:

“We’ve also tried this in our company, but it worked | didn’t work”
“Have you ever thought of… ?”
“This pattern would be better if …”
“I have a few examples of patterns that we use and work…”
“We’ve upgraded much faster by implementing this new pattern …” (this one is my favorite… and soon to come)

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if any C/AL developer who has something to say, could comment, edit or add new NAV Design Patterns?

To open this to the community, we’ve added a NAV Design Patterns Wiki on the Dynamics Community webpage. What you’ll find there:

  • The patterns published so far on the blog
  • New patterns! from our latest release. Explaining the MiniApp. Explaining new paradigms we used for better error handling, for localisations, for better user experiences
  • The possibility to comment (yes, we update the patterns if the comments are good)
  • The chance to be an author and to get credit on it. See how.

As promised at NAV Tech Days 2013, to make it easy for you to write a pattern, find here the template that we’ve used, explained.

And this is the teaser for our latest pattern:

Easy Update of Setup or Supplementary Information

By Anders Larsen at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

Meet the Pattern

Users or the administrator must regularly update setup or supplementary information in the day-to-day business, such as setting up a new type of customer. This setup task often arrives when their focus is on registration and execution instead of setup.

The navigation experience around these extra steps is often quite troublesome and time-consuming. To enable users to easily perform the needed update, a guide often gives the best support.

To guide users, we can prompt them with a dialog on which they can update the setup or supplementary information instantly and easily, so that they can proceed with the business task without being side-tracked. 

Continue reading on NAV Patterns Wiki..

Hoping this work will bring value to you,

The NAV Design Patterns team

We're always looking for feedback and would like to hear from you. Please head to the Dynamics 365 Community to start a discussion, ask questions, and tell us what you think!