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We have recently released Dynamics CRM applications for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android phones. Microsoft has also introduced a browser application for Dynamics CRM for users of Blackberry devices. This post provides an overview of the applications and capabilities available.  

Application availability

Apps are available in the respective stores and marketplaces. The apps are called Dynamics CRM and published by Microsoft Corporation.



OS Version

Windows Phone  

Windows Phone Store




iOS6, iOS7


Google Play Store

4.0, 4.1, 4.2

For all other devices, you can access CRM from the mobile phone browser.

Supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For online organizations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13 is required.

For on-premises organizations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is required. On-premises organizations require an Internet-facing deployment (IFD) for users to access CRM data on their phones.

Users must have an Internet or intranet connection and should install the CRM for phones app. See “Installing CRM for phones” later in this topic.



Core capabilities provided by these applications include:

–          Create, Update and Delete CRM records such as Tasks, Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, etc.

–          Create appointments

–          Assign records to other users

–          Search for records

–          Attach images to records

–          Create and update notes

–          Make phone calls using native device experience


A few capabilities are available exclusively on Windows Phones. These include mapping customer address, view social activity feeds and view cached data offline (only if you’ve already viewed the record once)!

Previously, Dynamics CRM was accessible via the browser using Mobile Express. For users trying to compare the two – they are actually quite different. A few key capabilities that are now available include the ability to create appointments, assign records, modify values in look-up fields and the ability to select values via pick-lists and the date picker.


You can tailor your phone experience by customizing the entities that show up on the phones. You can also choose the fields that appear on the form. So your organization can make custom entities available for access from the phone as well.

For information on known issues with CRM for phones, see Known issues for CRM for tablets and phones.


Download the app or see it in action here:


Palak Kadakia

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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