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Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) provides a cloud-based collaborative workspace that customers and their partners can use to manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects from pre-sales to implementation and operations. Based on the phase of your project and the industry you are working in, the site provides checklists and tools that help you manage the project. It also provides a dashboard so that you have a single place to get up-to-date project information. Lifecycle Services is available to customers and partners as part of their support plans. You can access it with your CustomerSource or PartnerSource credentials.

Some of the tools provided by Lifecycle Services are:

Projects – The key organizer of Lifecycle Services. The type of project you select determines which tools are available to manage your project. Check out more information here.

Business process modeler (BPM) – The business process modeler allows you to create, view, and modify standard business process flows within Microsoft Dynamics AX. For more information, see BPM.

License sizing estimator and Usage profiler These tools can help you estimate the size of your implementation in terms of number of licenses required, hardware and software. You can find more information here and here.

Customization and Upgrade analysis – Customization analysis helps you plan your customizations by validating model files against best practices. The upgrade analysis tool helps you plan your upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. You can find more information about these tools here and here.

Issue search – Issue search helps you find existing solutions and workarounds for known issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Check out more information here.

System diagnostics – The system diagnostics service will help administrators monitor Microsoft Dynamics AX environments. For more information, look here.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, check out the complete user guide here.


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