Known Vendor payment settlement issue

When trying to settle several vendor invoices at the same time in a vendor payment journal you can run into following infolog message:

Several transactions have been selected for settlement with various values, all marks have been removed



This message is being thrown out by AX when the invoices you are trying to settle have different Payment IDs in them. The Payment ID must be the same for each invoice in order for those invoices to be settled through the same payment journal.

You can quickly check and adjust the Payment ID of the invoice that you are trying to settle by going to Accounts Payable > Common > Vendors > All Vendors, then selecting the vendor and clicking the Transactions button in the top menu. From the Vendor Transactions window, select the invoice in question and switch to the Payment ID. Note that the Payment ID in the Vendor transactions forms can be freely updated by the user.

The Payment ID is a free-text field and can have any value entered in it (there are not pre-defined values that you select for this field).You can set a default Payment ID for the vendor record through AP | Vendors | Payment tab | Payment ID. The Payment ID defined here then defaults to the new AP Invoice Journals and Purchase Order Invoices.

The Payment ID is being populated with different values for each new invoice, then this will be the cause of the message you are seeing. The options to resolve this issue would be to manually adjust the Payment ID, or to continue using the Payment Proposal functionality, which does bypass some of the logic around the payment ID to allow multiple invoices with different payment ID values.