White paper refresh: Configure IFD for CRM Server

Applies to: CRM Server 2013, CRM Server 2011

Providing external access to your company’s CRM server (on-premises) data is now especially important given the new mobile features in CRM 2013.  CRM for tablets requires an Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) which can involve additional configuration.

Fortunately, there’s a white paper that covers end-to-end the configuration of IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server (on-premises): Configuring Claims-based Authentication for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.

The paper covers:

  • Preparing your server environment for claims-based authentication, including configuring AD FS.
  • Installing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server claims-based authentication for internal access, external access (IFD), or both internal and external access.
  • Federation trusts, Microsoft Office Outlook connections, and other configuration considerations.


Let me know your thoughts on the paper!

Jim Holtzman
Technical Writer
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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