New Business Process Modeler features

Today we released two new features in the Business Process Modeler. Here’s what you need to know:

Remove gaps from a diagram

A common ask we hear from customers is a way to modify a diagram without creating gaps. You can now right-click any gap, and then select Remove gap from the app bar. The item will no longer be tracked as a gap. If you want to bring a gap back, you can just edit the item and a gap will be created again.

We also hope that this will help you model a broader set of business processes that cannot be performed in AX.

We’ve also set lines to no longer be gaps.


Open AX 2012 from a diagram

Have you ever been looking at a diagram, then gone and navigated to that form in AX 2012 for a demo or investigation? Now you can do this quicker than ever. Simply right-click a block in the diagram that was generated by task recorder and that corresponds to an AX form, and then select the Open AX 2012 button in the app bar. This will launch a click-once app which will launch the default AX 2012 client, and navigate to the appropriate page.

If you don’t see the button on a particular block, it’s most likely because we’re not sure how to open the form. It may require some data as input that we’re not yet sure how to provide.


We hope you enjoy the new functionality, and as always we look forward to your feedback!