AX Content: Country/region-specific help content

If you are a partner and work with customers who have companies across the globe or if you are one of our customers who has companies in different countries or regions, be sure to check out our country/region-specific application user help content on TechNet for AX 2012. We have help content in English as well as in many other languages.

Where is the country/region-specific content?

This country/region-specific content can be found in our table of contents at the following location: TechNet library > Microsoft Dynamics Products and Technologies > Microsoft Dynamics ERP > Microsoft Dynamics AX > Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 > Application users > Additional country/region-specific information

Our country/region-specific help content is prefaced with the ISO code for the country that the content was written for.  For example, see the following screen capture of a Brazil AX 2012, which is prefaced with the alpha-3 ISO code for Brazil.

If you understand the way that we designate country/region-specific content for AX 2012 on TechNet, you can use this to your advantage to improve your search results. For example, if you’re searching for information about a Japanese feature in AX 2012, be sure to include “JPN” and “AX 2012” in your search string.

What about translated content?

We also already publish or plan to publish our AX 2012 help content in multiple languages on TechNet. If you’re visiting from your own country, you might already have noticed that some of the AX 2012 help content is available in your language.  If you want to see if a help topic is translated into a language that you prefer,  you can simply modify the topic’s URL in your browser’s address bar.