New Microsoft CRM SDK Sample: Sdk.Soap.js

Sdk.Soap.js is a JavaScript library that helps you write JavaScript with web resources that use the CRM 2013 Modern App SOAP endpoint (formerly called the SOAP endpoint for web resources).

This library makes writing JavaScript code for data operations much like using C#. While the OData (REST) endpoint is good for many things and is relatively easy to use, it doesn’t provide a way to execute messages or access formatted values.

With Sdk.Soap.js you can be much more productive when you need to use the SOAP endpoint. Please look at the following samples:


Contains the core library and supporting libraries to call 202 messages.

Sdk.Soap.js Entity Class Generator

Contains a sample to generate supporting libraries for entities in your organization. This allows for ‘early-binding’ style code with IntelliSense for your entities. This is essentially a CRMSvcUtil.exe code generation tool for JavaScript.

Sdk.Soap.js Action Message Generator

Contains a sample to generate support libraries for custom actions in your organization. Actions are like custom messages you define using the workflow editor.

Sdk.Soap.js Samples

Contains a variety of samples showing the use of the Sdk.Soap.js library.