Number sequence XXXX has been exceeded

How to determine what number sequence has been exceeded when generating a journal, posting a journal or any process that the system uses a number sequence to generate the next number. 

When you are creating a new journal, vendor, customer, voucher, posting a journal or doing anything where the number sequence is used to generate the next number you may receive the message: “Number sequence XXXX has been exceeded.” This means that the number sequence has hit its largest value limit.  

Depending on the version you are running you will either see the Number Sequence or the Number Sequence will show a long number that is not actually the number sequence.  Below are ways to resolve the message that you are seeing.  

Below is example of the Number Sequence included in the error message.  

When Generating Product Receipt

Since the Product Receipt Voucher is auto populated you can find it setup in the Accounts Payable Parameters form under the Number Sequences link.  Accounts Payable | Setup | Accounts Payable Parameters


Once you have located the Number Sequence that is causing the issue you will go to the Number Sequences list page.  Organizational Administration | Common | Number Sequences | Number Sequences – Use the Filter to find the Number
Sequence Code 

Note depending on the Scope you may see more than one result returned.  You will want to make sure you are looking at the one associated with the company if you have multiple lined returned.


If the Continuous checkbox is marked in the General fast tab then all numbers in the range will be used. 

  1. Click the Edit button in the Maintain group of the Number Sequence tab
  2. Change the Largest value to fit the range. 

Note if you are using number sequences for automatic posting you will want to create a new number sequence and assign it to that automatic posting.  

If you receive the message that does not actually give the number sequence but a long number you can use the steps below to correct the issue.  

This error message makes a reference to the RECID of the number sequence that is being used in the NUMBERSEQUENCETRABLE.  

We were able to verify what number sequence is being used so we could check the setting.  In the AOT we were able to use the number in the message to find the Number Sequence
that is being used.

1. To open the AOT press CTRL + D

2. Expand Data Dictionary

3. Expand Tables

4. Find the NumberSequenceTable

5. Right click and select Open

6. Scroll to the Right of the form and right click on one of the number in the RECID field

7. Select Filter by Field

8. Enter the Number from the error message in the filter form and click ok 

This will return the Number Sequence that is causing the error message.  To find the Number Sequence you will want to go to the Number Sequence list page.  Organization Administration | Common | number Sequence | Number Sequences

1. Enter the Number Sequence in the Filter

2. Click the Return button

3. Double click on the number sequence

4. Expand the General fast tab

5. Note the largest number and the Next number

Note you can edit the next number or if this is an automatic posting number you will want to create a new number sequence and assign this new number sequence to that automatic posting.