How to troubleshoot the info log message: A generic error occurred in GDI+ in MS Dynamics AX 2009 SP 1

If you should face the following info log message: A generic errored in GDI+ when working with MS Dynamics AX 2009 SP 1 then check the following list with hints to solve it:

1) Apply the currently latest available kernel hotfix. You may find an updated list here:

2) Test if really all *.auc file have been deleted using MS-DOS command: del *.auc /s for the AX clients in folder (default): C:\Users\MyUsername\AppData\Local (Note: “MyUsername” needs to be replaced with your corresponding user name)

3) Check if Citrix terminal server or roaming profile settings might have an impact here?

4) Check if .NET Framework fixes (manual or via Windows update) might have an impact here by applying the latest fixes ?